Why Profit SKU

Profit Sku was created out of the rising need of retail arbitrage dropshippers to find and source profitable items to sell on eBay. Profit Sku was created by honest and trustworthy ecommerce leaders George Manousakis, CEO of Hydralister, and Anton Rachitskiy, CEO of Skugrid. Now with the addition of Profit Sku, you will be able to source profitable items from Amazon. And through the integration with Hydralister you will be able to automatically have items listed or held for revision in Hydralister, then once posted they will automatically be tracked and repriced by Skugrid.All 3 tools were designed to work together. Profit Sku will help you take your dropshipping business to the next level

From The Owners Of SKU Grid and Hydra Lister

The creators of SKU Grid and Hydra Lister have teamed up to bring you the best profit finder application on the web. With you in mind, they have developed Profit SKU to integrate with Hydra Lister which also integrates with SKU Grid. Now you can just source your items with Profit SKU and the developers other tools will take care of listing and repricing for you.

Anton Rachitskiy

CEO & CTO of SKU Grid

Anton Rachitskiy has been involved in ecommerce since 2008 and is the CEO of Skugrid, the best tracking and repricing software for dropshippers, and is the developer behind Hydralister, Skugrid, and Profit Sku. Anton successfully leads a team of developers that are always finding solutions to develop the best and most accurate tools for dropshippers.

George Manousakis

CEO & CMO of Hydra Lister

George Manousakis has been involved in ecommerce since 2006 and is the CEO of Hydralister, the most advanced listing tool on the market. Due to the rising success of Hydralister and the need for the community to find more profitable items, George came up with the idea of Profit Sku to find items that can be dropshipped with ease for maximum profits.

Our team will always continue to bring you the best and most advanced dropshipping tools on the market.